What happens to people after they resign and then accept their current employer's counteroffer and stay in their company?

Needless to say, it varies quite a bit but the ultimate conclusion might surprise you.

We extracted the data from our system for the last two years (Jan 2015- Dec 2016) and considered the two most typical counteroffers.

1. Staying in your same job but with promises of an improved situation and

2. Taking on a new role with the company.

Accepted counteroffer and stayed at current company

* % of people still in their new role at the company

The graph above clearly demonstrates dissatisfaction sets in within the first 12 months whether the person has been offered a new role or stays in the same role.   Unsurprisingly, it's clear that staying in the same role after accepting a counter offer results in more people leaving and quicker than a getting a new role, however, both scenarios result in a dramatic leaving culture.

We also asked about the reasons for resigning a second time to understand what had gone wrong. This is much more enlightening than just knowing the fact that people don't last too long in their old companies after accepting a counter offer.

Reasons for resigning a second time

* Total % adds up to more than 100% because some people sighted multiple reasons

In summary

The fact that almost everyone that accepts a counteroffer from their current employer leaves within 2 years isn't news but it is surprising to see that whether the person keeps doing their old job or takes a new job at the company makes a difference. Quite frankly, it really doesn't.

The reasons for the resigning a second time are clear and what we expected because nothing has really changed apart from a pay rise (and maybe a new role) but ultimately, they are working for the same people, doing the same work and all with the same issues. 

Something makes people consider a new job seriously enough to resign from their current job. They should clearly consider that when they are considering a counteroffer they might be given.

Percentage of people left in the company, 2 years after a counter offer.


94.5% have left and only 5.5% remain.

* Average % of people after 2 years