What is Talent Advisory?

It's what people who want to ensure they have the best people take before Talent Acquisition starts. It answers the following, rather important, questions.


Who who is best for the job?
Why would they want to do the job?
Where are they currently working (or you or somebody else)?
What might motivate them to consider doing your job?
When would they be available or how long would it take to get them?


 at no point have we said HOw much it will cost.

The reason is that money, whilst an important motivator, is way down the list of reasons people change jobs. In fact, its is only the sixth most important factor.

That doesn't mean it's not important because not many people take a pay cut to move but there are many other reasons that people give before money when they look to move.

You will always need to pay the market rate and the market rate varies all the time. That's why we monitor constantly and why we publish our findings on a monthly basis. Look at our Market Reports for the current salary and bonus information. 



Attracting the right people at the right time is essential to the growth and development of any organisation. Get it right and a company can thrive. Get it wrong and the plans can stall or grind to a halt. 

Talent attraction is a complex science and a black art all rolled into one. The science comes from tried and trusted methods combined with commercial decisions based on facts. The black art comes from experience and understanding of human nature and the reason people move.    


Retaining people is as important as attracting them in the first place. Your key people are the life blood of your business and losing them unnecessarily doesn't just mean having to replace them, it means watching knowledge and experience walk out the door that isn't easy to replace.

Like talent attraction, retaining staff is a combination of methods, understanding and cold hard facts.

We are experienced in helping our clients understand the drivers and putting in programmes to reduce attrition.  

When do you need professional Talent Advisory?

The answer is normally "as soon as possible". Our advice is based on 14 years of experience in developing strategies for some of the best consulting firms in the world and backed by years of carefully curated and processed data. This ideal combination is designed to support the decision making process in the boardroom and senior management. With our help, the firms's vision can be successfully turned in to reality. Talent Advisory ensures the talent acquisition strategies are successful and you can attract (or retain) the best people. After all, you need the best team to deliver the best results.