Thank you for taking the time to respond to these questions. Your responses will be anonymised and even if you elect to receive a copy of the findings, your responses are not match to the email address you provide.

How many days holiday do you receive annually?
Company car *
Do you benefit from a company car or car allowance payment? (Please tick all the apply)
How much is your current base salary (without bonus/profit share or other varaible payment)
Could you tell us how much you expect to receive as a variable payment in addition to your fixed annual salary in the manner of a bonus or simular.
Additional time off work *
Does your employer operate any of the following additional time off schemes? Please tick all that apply.
Does your current employer provide any additional work/life balance schemes to support you and/or your family? Examples of this might include childcare support, flexible working hours. Sharing positive schemes could help others benefit from simular schemes.
Additional benefits *
What other benefits to you receive from your employer?
Is there something you currently receive from your employer that you would like to mention that isn't covered here that you find positive OR something that you would like your current employer to provide but doesn't yet?
Current employer *
Who do you currently work for?

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