Management Consulting Bonus Report 2016

It's October 2016 and our regular Bonus Report / Index is now available.

We monitor the reported bonus payments of management consultant around the globe and compile them in a (hopefully) easy to read snapshot of the market as it stands today (21 Oct 2016).

Having produced this information on a regular basis for our clients over the last 14 years, we are never surprise by the volatility and range of the results. This is completely understandable given the varying nature and makeup of the different firms and geographic regions.

The first graph shows the percentage of annual salary that was paid a bonus based on the following job roles. 

Use your mouse to hover of points on the chart for the underlying figures.

Percentage (%) of salary paid as a bonus

* Average over 2,451 respondants

What does this look like in terms of money (£) based on our current high and low salary survey results from October 2016?

The following graph shows what the average percentage would look like when applied the figures we have from our system for the high and low salary bands for the roles. These high and low figures have been smoothed off for ease of reporting in our usual manner and our current up until today, 21 Oct 2016. All the figures are reported in £ sterling.

Amount (£) of bonus paid

* October 2016 salary survey (hi and low) 2,918 respondants

Where are these people located?

Finally, this piechart breakdown the geographical locations of the people included in this report.

Geographic breakdown

* 2,661 people's locations obtained.

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