The daily rate paid to interim management consultants remains about the same as last quarter with just a tiny 0.1% increase across the board. This, in our opinion, is due for an upwards correction during the next 2 quarters because of the increased demand for talent and the global shortage of appropriately skilled and qualified consultants. 

However, as it stands today (October 2016), the market is buoyant, demand is high and interim rates are steady.

If you hover your mouse over the various points on the graph below, you will see the figures relating to each point.The data is taken globally but the rates have been converted to GBR £  for ease of reference. We have applied our standard smoothing formula that I'm sure you will be familiar with in an attempt to remove artificial spikes caused by unusual demand for a specific skill at a specific time.

Interim Daily Rate

Whilst the majority of the data was sourced is within the UK and Europe, a sizable amount came from outside theses regions. Our access to US market rates isn't as strong as EMEA/APAC due to our firm's footprint being heavily biased towards those regions.

Geographical breakdown of data

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