Position: Senior Manager

Location: France

Salary: £165K

Assignment Timescale: 8 weeks

Result: Completed

Working alongside one of our largest Big 4 Clients in France, we were mandated to find a Senior Manager calibre candidate with deep experience across Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals. Functional Expertise was vital as our Client required a Subject Matter Expert with experience across Procurement Transformation and Strategy Definition. Our Senior Consultant began the search within his own black book and extensive network across France and other French speaking regions. He was able to shortlist the best candidates for the Role within 48 hours and make formal Representations to our Client.

The Interview process was completely managed by our Senior Consultant who also managed the relationship with the Client. Having guided the candidate through the process, with extensive Coaching and Development, Market Intelligence and Roadmap Strategies, we were able to secure a successful Offer which our Candidate accepted.