Position: Director - Digital Transformation


Location: Greater China

Salary: £150K

Assignment timescale: 20 weeks 

Result: Completed

One of our global top tier strategy consulting firm in Great China continues to expand its Technology practice, experience increasing demand particularly in the area of Digital Transformation, Big Data, AI etc. across different industries. As a result, the client was looking to hire an Technology Strategy Expert with previous expertise in  IT/Digital Strategy Transformation. Who could help the team’s leadership with further client’s development as well as capability building.

Regard to the highly important position to our client and the all-around skill sets required. One of our shortlisted candidates stood out, who graduate from a top MBA school, has over 10 years international working experience in both Technology Consulting and Corporate strategy. More importantly, the candidate has successfully demonstrated to the team its excellent functional knowledges, leadership experience and the hands on execution abilities.

 We have helped the candidate successfully secured a highly rewarding position with fast track promotion to Senior Leadership opportunity.



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