Position: Digital Strategy Consultant  


Location: Germany

Salary: €110K

Assignment Timescales : 12 weeks

Result: Completed

We were contacted by one of the world’s leading strategy houses when they had an urgent need to develop their capacity to advise on innovative and emerging technologies and how best to leverage them for their clients.  In addition to this there was a clear preference for experienced hires who had a good understanding of the energy sector and were able to act as a conduit between business and technology.  We took to the market, identifying several specialist companies that could provide suitable candidates.  The delicate nature of the hiring process meant that discretion was essential.  Our experience working in the territory over a number of years meant we were able to quickly identify a suitable candidate who met all of our clients requirements without hesitation.


The result is another successful engagement ensuring the client is able to provide advisory services on emerging technologies, keeping themselves at the forefront of innovation while gaining a future leader for their business and the sector as a whole.


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