Position: Consultant – Manufacturing Operations – Global Strategy Firm  

Location: London

Assignment Timescales : 5 weeks


Salary: £85K

Result: Completed

One of the top global strategy consulting firms’ UK Operations Practice engaged with our London team to identify and approach the top Process Engineers in the UK before securing one for their Manufacturing clientele’s H1 2019 pipeline in the UK & Ireland. With a strong network of ex-consulting talent in British Manufacturing and a background in hiring across the European the Lean Engineering space I was able to quickly identify key well connected individuals and moved from there to identify that four of the top ten Process Engineers would presently be open to explore a Consulting career.

The Consulting firm expeditated their rigorous selection process for all four and liked the successful woman from the first minute, and two weeks later she has accepted an offer and is very excited to start her new career as a Consultant in January. The leading Strategy Consultancy were very good in speeding the process up in this case as the Partner needed to find the person quickly and that is why they came to CP.

Additionally, the client would like to hire one of the other three PE’s considered once the initial successful hire has bedded in.


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