Position: Commercial Manager

Location: London

Salary: £79,000

Assignment timescale: 4 weeks

Result: Completed

One of our new clients, a recently formed start-up, required high level candidates to aid their intention to quickly grow a team once their budget was confirmed. One of the roles that was deemed important was the Commercial Manager position, they ideally wanted someone with prior experience of the relevant sectors.

After receiving this remit, Consulting Point Search went through our own personal networks to find a candidate that fit the requirement and were able to present three suitable candidates. This gave the client the opportunity to speak to a few people and have comparisons at various levels, helping them to hire the perfect person for the role. After three rounds of interview, one of the candidates stood out as the best option and was quickly offered a permanent role. This company hadn’t hired a permanent person before so Consulting Point Search advised them on each step including advising on reductions in their excessively detailed contract.