Position: Director of Consulting

Location: Canary Wharf, London

Salary: £120k

Assignment Timescale: 3 weeks

Result: Completed 

A personal contact of the Consultant was contacted with regards a rapid need for a Director Consulting and Sales team for a Level39 Predictive AI FinTech of just 21 staff for which he serves on the board. In meeting the CEO and Head of Revenue it became clear that their personal networks had not allowed them to tackle their top strategic priority of identifying and securing four key hires to start building Consulting & Sales parts of the business which will take their cutting edge product to market rapidly and at scale. The firm needed this team to start in Q2, so after seeing their impressive product demo the Consultant agreed to take on the work at top priority.

Leading a team of three of us we conducted a rapid market map, followed by an intensive headhunt across London’s FS tech product sales cohorts and presented eight highly suited people with the right contact networks and stellar sales track records, all of whom could start in 2-6 weeks, and the client hired their favourite four. My small team will be taking all four for joiners drinks within a month of my meeting the CEO and seeing that demo and the FinTech is now able to move forward in their wider strategic development plan and has fulfilled their hiring obligations to their investors for Q2 well ahead of schedule.


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