Position: Consultant, Change Management

Location: London


Salary: £49K

Assignment timescale:  9 weeks

Result: Completed

A key client was looking to hire several people into their Change Management practice, they were particularly interested in junior candidates with at least two years of experience. After having done similar campaigns for this firm in the past we were well suited to this assignment and already had a strong network of potentially suitable candidates within our database.

 After speaking to a number of strong candidates we were able to supply a shortlist of candidates to the client, all of whom were invited to interview. Through the interview process this candidate stood out due to their personality and approach, as well as having developed a strong skillset already within a boutique consultancy firm.

After the final interview the client were quick to offer the candidate and after negotiations between Consulting Point and the hiring team we were able to agree on figure that the candidate would be happy with. The offer was presented to the candidate and quickly accepted, resulting in no back and forth between the candidate and company…which can often sour a positive relationship heading into a new role. The candidate had recently relocated so was available on little-to-no notice, allowing them to get a start date arrange much closer than usually possible (which both parties were happy about).


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