Roland Berger wins a €300,000 contract, as part of a joint venture with Tusk Advisory, to provide financial planning to the construction of Jakarta’s main central railway along the MRT route. The 6-month contract will see the firm provide services such as simulation and the running of financial projections and communications.

Jakarta is Indonesia’s most populated city at more than 10 million people. The city is facing the prospects of almost complete gridlock as population density and vehicle ownership increases. In a bid to ease traffic congestion, pollution and travel time, the Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit system (MRT) was signed into existence in 2010. The project involves two lines and 13 stations. The first phase of the project connects the subdistrict Lebak Bulus to the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, a central point in the city.


The contract for the development of Jakarta’s main central railway along the MRT route has gone to Roland Berger Tusk – JO, a joint venture between Roland Berger and Tusk Advisory, a regional infrastructure strategic advisory firm. Over a period of six months the partners will oversee the financial side of the construction process.

Roland Berger has been tasked with assessing an internal study into the project, the development of a simulation and the running of financial projections, communicating between stakeholders and delivering benchmarking and analysis services. The value of the deal for consultancy firm stands at around €300,000.

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