Permanent salary survey for Management Consulting professionals

We surveyed in excess of 2,100 management consulting professionals during September 2016 and the following data relating to current compensation is shown below.

We have applied a level of ‘smoothing’ to make the figures more readable as well as balancing the results to remove the top and bottom 5% of responses.
22% of the data is sourced from verified candidate placements and remaining 78% from currently working candidates on our currently active database.

Graduate to Senior Consultant

Manager to Director

Partner to Head of Practice Globally

Geographic breakdown of respondents

* Current working and/or living location

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We have a knowledge base of 75,000 management consultants located around the world,  together with data from over 250 different management consulting firms that we have worked with over the last 14 years. We have gathered, maintained and curated this data to help both job seekers and talent seekers alike.

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