A recent survey commissioned by Saunders 1865 has revealed a surprising outcome, following a comprehensive survey of global brands and their post-Brexit plans to leave the UK.

Despite continuing media hysteria consistently pointing to an impending exodus of global businesses from the UK, the survey, commissioned by the world's leading specialist in VIP relocation, has highlighted a considerable case for the opposite.

Saunders 1865 have now released the results of the survey, which saw over 100 worldwide and high profile global names questioned over their inclination to consider leaving the UK, as a direct result of Brexit. The corporations involved in the study included global banks, consulting firms, technology companies and organisations with multi-national presences.

Participating firms were posed two questions: 1) Is your organisation planning to move out of the UK as a result of Brexit? 2) If yes, what new location(s) are being considered?

Of the more than 100 companies surveyed by Saunders 1865, not a single positive responsive was received in reply to the question of whether their company planned to leave the UK following Brexit. In stark contrast to current media reporting and sombre concerns of Downing Street, indications are that the UK is, and will remain, an appealing location within which to base international business. 

Speaking at Goldman Sachs earlier this year, Prime Minister Theresa May commented that the UK “is big enough and strong enough to be a success story, in or out of the EU”.

Whilst not underestimating the perceived benefits an EU-backed UK has for international businesses, the results of the survey have indicated support for the PM's claim, highlighting that a significant number of businesses across a spectrum of niches are not planning to relocate from the UK as a direct result of Brexit. 

Saunders 1865’s CEO, Tony Coe said, “While anecdotal evidence from corporate clients suggested that the reports of a post-Brexit exodus by companies were overblown, we were frankly shocked that we didn’t receive a single response indicating that a move out of the UK was even being considered.”

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