Hyperscale and Hyperconverged data centers have great potential in the fast-evolving market over the next few years. As the new engine of the economy, business-scale data centers are delivering their IT infrastructure for the digital age, through cloud-enabled, software-defined data centers in China.

So far, the China market has witnessed the rapid development of Cybersecurity, Sharing Economy, Internet Plus, Internet of Things, Virtual reality, Big Data, Artificial intelligence, P2P, 5G technology … They are all buzz words but have been developing at a speed beyond your imagination to disrupt and redefine the way our business works.

This year, DCD held it’s first-ever China Datacenter Week (China DC Week) along with 8th DCD> Enterprise China in the tallest building in Greater China’s commercial center – Shanghai - under cosmopolitan airs. As the highlight of the regional technology calendar, the 4-day initiative hosted a major conference and expo, multiple business and networking events (e.g. partner events and networking parties), awards (Kick-off), training and data center & solution tours.

“It’s a week-long gathering of infrastructure technology executives coming from across the nation, and foreign technology companies seeking to build or invest in China,” commented Vincent Liew, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, DCD.

To expand on this, “as other market-watchers eye on further growth in the China data center market, China is looking forward to building a cyberspace community of shared destiny - to construct global network infrastructure and promote interconnectivity for further bridging the information gap between different countries,” said Tingo Zhao, CTO from DC-Science which just acquired the assets of IBM’s Smart Building site and facility business in China,“ Focusing on frontier areas such as digital economy, AI, nanotechnology and quantum computing, you may have known that, China is building its digital silk road and driving force on innovation. It will, further, bring companies to re-imagine their business models and accelerate steps toward digital transformation.”

Under Fintech, Sharing economy and the Belt and Road Initiative—China’s digital age is noticeably in full swing

If we look back to June 2014, a research found by the China Internet Network Information Center showed that smart phone Internet connections exceeded traditional PC connections for the first time “as Chinese citizens powered up hand-held devices to stream media, play games, shop and chat”.

Since then, digital revolution is shifting the landscape! With only 21% of iPhone customers using Apple Pay, Alipay, the largest Chinese online payment provider, reports that it has over 350 million users and growing continuously. This is due to the fact that Chinese citizens increasingly rely on mobile technology for everyday transactions. Along with the technological advancements like Fintech, China experiences a shift back towards a more decentralized economy, by making it easier for people to connect, communicate and trade. This boosts the sharing economy in China, which is developing quickly.

Sourced from Datacenter Dynamics