Recipharm has established a dedicated taskforce to manage the potential impact of Brexit on its organization. The UK will exit the European Union (EU) as of March 30, 2019. Recipharm, headquartered in Sweden, is focused on managing the transition with minimal impact to its operations and customers.

The Brexit taskforce will prioritize its preparations and invest in the necessary capabilities and equipment within its UK and European facilities to ensure seamless operations post March 2019. The company plans to recruit more staff in laboratory and regulatory roles to help meet the additional analytical, release testing and administration requirements that are expected.

Thomas Beck, snior vice president Quality Management at Recipharm, said, “While many stakeholders in the pharma industry are campaigning for a ‘soft’ exit from the EU, there is a risk that the complexity of the regulatory landscape will increase dramatically if a ‘hard’ Brexit takes place. Consequently, we are preparing for all eventualities. Recipharm’s presence in both the UK and mainland Europe means we are well positioned to support our customers post-Brexit. We are also adept at streamlining processes across geographies and dealing with third party importations into Europe due to our global facilities.”


Mr. Beck  added, “Brexit has the potential to bring about additional resource demands. We are focused on ensuring our team is equipped to handle the potential challenges so that our customers continue to receive the same level of service. We also expect to see a greater demand for outsourced manufacturing services from UK-based marketing authorisation holders (MAHs) wishing to supply to Europe and are preparing our team to meet this demand.”

“We firmly believe that the challenge needs to be faced in a pragmatic way and have been liaising with both the EMA and relevant politicians to communicate that the finer details of Brexit and the implications on our industry need to be discussed as a matter of priority.”

Sourced from Contract Pharma