Anew global consultancy firm for the international agriculture, food and beverage sector, Eliasan Consulting, began operating on 1 June from headquarters in Seattle, US.

The company will specialise in international market development, business matchmaking and strategic planning, as well as offer an array of other services to support agricultural trade, according to founder and ceo Alyson Segawa.


With a family history in agricultural production in southern California, Segawa says she has years of experience developing and executing international market development programming for agricultural trade associations and producer groups, and is passionate about helping others in the industry find sustainable ways to compete on a global scale.

"Eliasan Consulting is excited to build stronger connections for organisations and companies across global channels," Segawa stated. "We look forward to helping clients make strategic, informed decisions to achieve their international objectives."

Sourced from American Fruit - written by Luisa Cheshire