Chinese internet conglomerate Baidu and toll highway construction, operation, and management firm Shenzhen Expressway  recently formed a partnership agreement centered on smart transportation, smart environmental protection, and information service upgrades. The parties will work together to plan smart highway system architecture and service content and will establish a smart transportation laboratory. They will also cooperate on regional transportation planning, operations, and image recognition and will work together to implement Baidu's "AI City" initiative in the transportation and environmental protection industries.


Baidu will take the lead in planning and implementing related to AI, cloud computing, IoT, big data analysis, and blockchain technologies, and will work with Shenzhen Expressway on projects for transportation big data fusion and applications development, vehicle recognition and counter-toll-evasion, smart customer service monitoring and control platform development, and smart inspection and road operations monitoring services.

The parties will also work together on solid waste disposal, environmental governance, and water treatment processing, and they will collaborate on automatic data collection, systems integration, and testing, environmental protection equipment management, and environmental protection data mining and applications development.

Sourced from Marbridge Daily