ALM Intelligence has ranked Deloitte as a global leader in the report, entitled Product Development Operations Consulting 2018. On Product Development Operations Consulting, Nathan Simon, Senior Director, Management Consulting Research at ALM, highlights, “With predefined, sector-specific process models linked to PLM and in some instances activated with automation and cognitive technologies, Deloitte is unparalleled in its ability to help clients rapidly move up the capability maturity curve in a balanced way across the delivery continuum – from ideation through commercialization and ultimately product retirement.”

The report lays out the landscape of Product Development Operations consulting providers focusing on capability drivers, provider capability rankings, rating level summaries, leader, challenger, and contender assessments, provider capability ratings, best in class providers, and provider briefs.


According to ALM, Product Development Operations consulting services is defined as “developing products and services that succeed in the marketplace by effectively coordinating upstream with sourcing and production engineering and downstream with commercial execution, increasing efficiency by streamlining and accelerating R&D activities across locations and functions, and maximizing the return on the development and IP portfolio.”

Sourced from The Financial