4D, which will also be working in power, wind and oil and gas, was launched at the beginning of September and is a deugro group enterprise. It will provide its services globally, including supply chain support, manpower provision, competence development, training, supply chain 4PL (fourth-party logistics) models and benchmarking.

The company's specialised areas of expertise are support for logistics and supply chain phases of a project life cycle, such as logistics manpower, logistics and supply chain competences, training, logistics management solutions and benchmarking gaps to performance.


The independently launched enterprise will additionally aid its clients bridge a growing skills gap in logistics.

Commercial director Arnoud Dekkers said 4D consultants would be focused on providing unique expertise to clients by pooling its expertise in the industry and sharing its intelligence on potential impacts to the bottom line of logistics and supply chain performances.

"That means that we can help clients at all levels of the value chain, whether strategic, tactical or operational, delivering tangible results with our hands-on pragmatic approach," he said.

Sourced from Mining Magazine - written by Donna Schmidt