Just over a fifth of Deloitte’s UK partners are female, with the new promotions taking the total to 223.

Eight of the new UK partners are from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

This month, Deloitte NWE expanded to include Greece, Italy, and Malta. With the addition of the three Mediterranean countries, Deloitte NWE is now Deloitte North and South Europe (NSE).

Altogether, Deloitte NSE spans 13 countries, with over 45,000 people in its network. Its new CEO is Richard Houston, a senior partner at Deloitte and previously managing partner for Deloitte NWE and UK consulting businesses.


Houston succeeds David Sproul as chief executive.

Commenting on his new role, Houston said, “It’s a privilege to be leading this firm and I’m delighted that my first announcement as CEO is the celebration of our partner promotions. I fully accept that we have more to do but I’m particularly pleased to see such a significant increase in female partner promotions in the UK.”

Houston added, “It’s clear that this is a time of great change, with a volatile economic landscape, technological disruption and regulatory scrutiny. This has been particularly apparent over the past 12 months, with various reviews into the UK audit market.

“I’m under no illusion that change and reform are needed and expected and we are deeply engaged in that debate.

“Our move to create Deloitte NSE reinforces our commitment to cross-border collaboration so we can better serve our clients, open up more opportunities for our people, and make an impact in our communities,” he said.

Alongside tse made partner in the UK, there were 23 appointments in the Netherlands, 16 in Denmark, 12 in Sweden, nine in Belgium, seven in Ireland, six in Switzerland, five in Finland, four in Norway and one in Iceland.

Sourced from ICAEW - written by Frances Ball