Aerospace engineering consultancy Alten Group has opened new premises in Derby, with 150 positions to be filled for aerospace clients as well as railway.

Alten Group has been active in the UK for the last 28 years and has seen growth of over 80% per year in the last five years.

Historically based in the London area in the telecoms and space sectors, Alten diversified its activity in 2014 to in aerospace and automotive.

The group’s presence in Derby, dates back to 2017 with the development of solid partnerships in aerospace, railway and agricultural machinery sectors.

Alten UK established itself, in less than one year, as a close partner of Rolls Royce with over 100 consulting engineers involved in aircraft engine related activities.


The group’s new location is in a dynamic business park in Derby and close to the regional partners. The building has a modular configuration with a capacity for nearly 200 people. A competition was held among Alten consultants to choose a name for this new building, revealed at the inauguration as The Hive.

To support its growth, Alten is hiring in the aerospace sector in: thermo fluids, CFD, control, development, system design, supply chain management, project management, V&V, requirement management, SW development, engine performance, engine modelling (stress & impact), engine integration, npi, system installation, customer service.

Sourced from Aerospace Manufacturing