Position: Senior Consultant - Digital Operation 


Location: Shanghai

Salary: £90k

Assignment timescale: 9 weeks 

Result: Completed

One of our key clients has the plan to set up a new Digital Operation Solution team to support their large client base in Asia, to meet the challenge of increasing demand of Industry 4.0 and IoT solution. The new strategy division is looking to bring on board various senior professionals with a deep understanding of digital solutions for product development, procurement and supply chain. After intensively scouring the market, we have selected a few strong candidates from global top 500 firms who already built a solid digital system.

The specific candidate completed interviews with several global senior partners and was identified to be a good match on both technical skills and culture & character fit. The candidate was offered a position within the business and will soon join the team to help to shape the client’s new business and bring more projects.


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